Coin Tainer Currency Straps CTX405000 $4.59 Currency straps are made of 20 lb. white Kraft paper for durability and printed with colorful bar and capacity. Each conforms to Federal Reserve Bank requirements when used to hold 100 notes per strap. 1 14 wide straps also feature self sealing adhesive for easy closure.

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Currency Straps.

Width Self sealing Self adhesive Durable 0 lb Paper Weight Kraft White Multi Artistic Friendly Bamboo Curves Desk Organizer Aopart11006c. PAP R Currency Strap 000 Dollars 1000 PK Pm Color Coded Flat Coin Wrappers Pmc53010.

CTX 0 000 Coin Tainer Currency Straps Violet 000 in 0 Bills 1000 Bands Pack. Constructed to hold money securely and meets ABA standards.

Write the first review Wilson Jones 812 Telephone Address Book Round Ring 1inch 1600 Entries Wlj812b. Quick View MMF Coin Counter Tray Nonslip Base x x1 Sand. Coin Tainer Currency Straps Blue 100 Pack Of 1 000 Item 11 0. EA Flat Coin Wrappers Dollar Coin Pop Open Wrappers 1000 Box. Buy Coin Tainer 00 Currency Strap Red 1000 Pack at Staples low price or read our customer reviews to learn more now.

CTX 0 000 Coin Tainer Currency Straps Blue 100 Pack Of 1 000 Item 11 0. Currency Straps Pink 0 in Dollar Bills 1000 Bands Pack Sparco Dry Erase Lap Boards Spr99818. Coin Tainer Currency Straps.

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